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Education Empower women and girls in developing Countries

"Train women and children in digital literacy, empowering them to create a sustainable economic model for themselves and their families. "

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 5.33.17 PM Digital Literacy is the knowledge and ability to use a range of technology tools for varied purposes. Digitally literate young women and children can use technology strategically to find and evaluate information, connect and collaborate with others, produce and share original content, and use the Internet and technology tools to achieve many academic, financial and personal goals.


We want to give Afghanistan and its young generation their own superheroes to be inspired by.


the Superhero Factory, whereby female students design and create their own Superheroes, learn graphic design, and as well as business and marketing. Superheroes do not exist in our culture yet are so important to children, especially in developing, war-torn areas where hope for good is what a child dreams of. It is my passion to inspire children. today and provide them with a digital voice and knowledge for their future. more

" The Women's Annex Foundation is a pioneer in digital literacy, adopting the most contemporary and groundbreaking technologies in Digital Citizenship,Social media and digital currency, such as Bitcoin.Operating in developing countries, particularly Afghanistan and Mexico, the Foundation facilitates the connection between companies and freelancers to get paid in Bitcoins."

WAF  2014